The MAVA book

This book recounts the history and philosophy of the MAVA Foundation and pays tribute to the invaluable work accomplished by its partners over its lifetime.

MAVA was founded by Dr Luc Hoffmann in 1994 to support the conservation of biodiversity, and was later led by his son André.

The foundation was a key funder in the conservation field and had worked with over 500 partners by the time of its closure in 2022. This book tells a small selection of its partners’ stories, alongside MAVA’s own.

You can download the book here.

If the file here above is too big, you can also download the book in 3 parts here :

MAVA BOOK – PART 1 : Introduction, History, Approach

MAVA BOOK – PART 2: Success stories

MAVA BOOK – PART 3: Memories of MAVA, Conclusion, Thanks and appendices

The cover of MAVA Foundation's book, entitled "MAVA Foundation : For People and Nature : 1994-2022", and featuring a sailing boat on water with birds flying over it in a yellow-ish hue.